What We Do


This initiative focuses on making patients’ hospital stays more manageable & pleasant. We have partnered with world-renowned hospitals such as Shriner’s Hospitals for Children, MD Anderson, Memorial Hermann, TIRRMH and Sterling Rehab Hospital in Boston, among others – developing specific programs to help patients recover faster during their hospital stays. It might mean bringing athletes and celebrities to meet with patients, throwing parties, and providing games & toys to children’s hospitals, or funding camp trips for patients to get out of their rooms and out into nature for a while.


This program involves taking people (adults and children), with various disabilities from various hospitals & rehabilitation centers all over the nation out to a multitude of sporting events around the US. We try to make each event as unique and special as possible. We want them to know what it feels like to be part of the team, and to know what it feels like to cheer with stadium audiences. What we hope to accomplish, is to inspire people with disabilities to get out and get active in the community… We also want show you can have a normal life with a disability, (or after a disability is incurred depending on the person’s particular circumstance).


This program supports research to find ways to alleviate the effects and burdens brought on by CP and various disabilities, with the ultimate goal of finding a cure for the disease, or at the very least alleviating its effects, thereby making the disease more manageable. We do this through direct contributions to research facilities and through providing seed money to worthy research studies.

To date, we’ve raised over 1.2 million dollars and we’re just getting started.


We believe that everyone is entitled to an extraordinary life, and movement is key to that. We partnered up with an innovative company called Freedom Concepts. They custom build bicycles based on an individual’s specific disability. Whatever is needed for the individual to be able to get on a bike and ride, they make it happen. We hope that by enabling mobility, it will lead to a longer, healthier & ultimately more fulfilling life.


This one-on-one is designed to provide assistance on an individual level to people primarily with cerebral palsy, but other disabilities as well. Disabilities impact each person differently and there is no one answer to everyone’s problems. By providing a more personalized level of attention, we hope to make a greater difference and impact in their everyday life.


We provide scholarships opportunities for aspiring students with disabilities who have a thirst for knowledge & desire to succeed without having to worry about medical/health costs getting in the way.


This program involves granting wishes for critically ill people with disabilities. We want to make every minute the recipient has as special as can be. In order to screen these requests we work directly with our partnered hospitals.

Music Night Out

This initiative focuses on escorting individuals (both adults and children) with diverse disabilities from numerous hospitals and rehabilitation centers across the country to a variety of music concerts throughout the US.